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By James Dawson

XXTRA Hot Pulled Pork Burgers


Who doesn't love some pulled pork? Smoky, sweet and, layer on some JDHH and get some heat. Hats off the the incredible cooking of @manaboutthefood over on Insta for showing us this beauty and dropping the recipe below if you fancy something different (better) for your lunch this weekend...


Large pork shoulder from supermarket 1-2kg

Will feed 4-8 as pulled pork sandwiches


Remove packaging and rub/pat desired bbq rub over the meat to get a thorough covering.

Place in a bbq to smoke for 8 hours at 120c until reaching a internal temperature of 96-98c

Or add to a slow cooker fat side up with 300ml of stock (pork or vegetable) and cook for 6hrs on high or 10+ hours (can be overnight on low) alternatively you can go 50/50 with stock and apple/orange/pineapple juice to add extra flavour

Once the internal temperature is reached then wrap in tin foil and let rest for approximately 1 hour until you can handle the meat to shed/pull apart. Alternatively you can use two forks or meat claws if you have them!

Once the meat is pulled and the excess fat /skin discarded then you can either eat plain or stir in your favourite bbq sauce, reheat by portion in a pan and add to bread of your choice (brioche always is good) top with JD’s hot honey and enjoy!