The New Sweet Heat Sauce in Town


Drizzle. Drench. Devour

Pimp your pizza, marinade your meats or add some heat to your hot dogs. JD's Hot honey will add the floral sweetness of honey with a kick from chilli peppers. Choose red Jalapeno or Habanero pepper infusions to bring some sweet heat to your peppers to your chicken, ice cream, tacos, cocktails, BBQ or anything you can imagine.

Born out of a love for Pizza - JD's Hot Honey

Born out of a love for Pizza

We created JD's Hot Honey out of our passion for Friday night pizza. After testing all types of topping we fell in love with our home made red jalapeno infused floral honey drizzled over fresh pizza. After we realised that we loved it just as much on fried chicken, BBQ's, tacos and even ice cream, we knew we had to bottle it for others to experience a new way to enjoy their favourite foods.

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What our customers say

I Loved this on Pizza. Pepperoni with some fresh chilli and JD's is a winner.

What our customers say

We tested this on a glazed ham at Christmas. Took it to a new level on our standard dish and we all loved it. Will be keeping this on the menu in the future.

What our customers say

Yummy flavour - an initial light sweetness is replaced by a building gentle heat. Lovely surprise.