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By Alex Miller

Hot Honey Halloumi Salad

This just looks like summer on a plate. HH and Cheese is a dream of a combo already, so drizzled over some freshly cooked crispy/gooey halloumi with this crisp and zesty salad is one for the quick, easy and delicious lunch ideas book. Thanks to the brilliant @piggieandporkie for this one. 


This was one of the tastiest salads I’ve ever had. So tasty in fact I’ve had it for 3 days in a row for lunch. Help me! Developing a honey & Halloumi addiction. The sweetness & slight kick of this @jdshothoney takes the crispy gooey Halloumi to the next level. You’ll want to save this post for a mega tasty lunch ready in less than 15 mins 👏 
- Chop Halloumi into thick chunks.
- Sprinkle the top side with a teaspoon of flour (we used gluten free flour).
- Heat coconut oil or your oil of choice in a frying pan on medium heat & add your Halloumi.
- Chop your salad of choice - I used lettuce & peppers & then made carrot ribbons by running a peeler down their lengths.
- Sprinkle flour onto the top side of your Halloumi & gently flip to try avoid the flour going everywhere. Pan fry until the Halloumi is crispy & golden on both sides.
- Drizzle the whole salad & cheese with the jalapeño honey & tuck in!