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By James Dawson

Hot Pork Tacos

We may have invented JD's Hot Honey for from the love of Pizza, but we quickly worked out everything else we loved it with. As big lovers of Mexican cooking, we loved seeing this creation from @twisted_ribs_bbq. Check out his recipe below for triple hot pork tacos! 

Cook the ground pork, marinated with your choice of rub, with finely chopped red onions and red chillies.
Once cooked, fill up the corn tacos with the pork, and add fresh coriander and grated mozzarella.
Loaded and folded, put them on the grill until crisp.
Finished up with grilled peaches, red springs, sliced jalapeños, sweet peppers and charred limes.
Then hit with a good drizzle of XXTRA Hot JD’s Hot Honey!