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By James Dawson

Texas Twinkies

Now we love a Jalapeno pepper regardless but look at this creation from the genius @hampshire_bbq on Instagram. Imagine the love you would get next party you host if you bring these bad boys out ahead of the crisps and nuts! Absolute crowd pleaser recipe. 

First, take a block of cream cheese (I used jalapeño Philadelphia), add your favourite seasoning and then smoke at 225 for around 2 hours in a foil pan.
Then cut a “T” shaped opening into each jalapeño and smoke them at 250f for about 20/30 mins, so they are more pliable.
Take them off the smoker and remove the seeds, then stuff each jalapeño with the cheese (and optional brisket) and wrap in streaky bacon.
Dust with your desired dry rub and smoke again at 250f for around 90 mins.
And to finish, drizzle a load of JD's Hot Honey to serve.