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JD's HOT Collection Gift set

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The best of the JD's Hot Collection.

One each of our best selling Hot Honey's. The Original jalapeño blend and our new XXTRA hot Habanero blend of sweet heat sauces. The best new topping for your Pizza, BBQ, Fish, Cheese, eggs and even Ice cream (trust us, try it!) 

Our Original JD's HOT Flakes - a thick cut, large and premium green jalapeño flakes that bring a low to medium heat. Use these to add some colour and texture to your pasta, pizza, stir fry or chilli. Packed in a mini lever tin. 

A smooth a velvety Spanish extra Virgin olive oil that is infused with fiery red chillis to add some Mediterranean heat to your pasta, roast vegetable, potatoes, pizza or bruschetta.

The perfect gift for the chilli lover in your life, or if you just want to improve your condiment cupboard at home! 

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