Stock JD’s Hot Honey

Bring something different to your menu or condiment shelf. Hot Honey is the new craze sweeping the UK. From pizza, to BBQ, Hot Dogs, Ice cream, cocktails and everything in between. Hot honey is the new condiment designed to bring a new taste sensation to any dish.

Meet the heat

We’ve got the widest range of Hot Honey and formats available from small sample sachets to bulk 5 litre catering. Whether retail or food service, we’ve got the format to allow you to bring a new Hot Honey offering.

JD's Hot Honey Original 350g Retail bottle

Our original blend in a retail friendly format. 350g squeeze bottle with flip cap and we can offer long shelf life and eye catching POS.

JD’s XXTRA Hot Honey - 350g retail bottle

Our Habanero infused blend is sure to hot the spot for your customers that want some extra kick in their sauce. The best option for anyone that can handle their heat.

JD’s Hot Honey Original - 1L catering bottle

The big bottle for those fast moving food service outlets. The perfect grab bottle with an easy put lid will keep you and your customers drizzling for longer.

JD's Hot Honey Original 5L Catering Bottle

Take advantage of our biggest format to make sure the most busy kitchens have a ready supply. We can provide a pump lid also for easy application.

D’s Hot Honey original - 20g sachets

Our new small sachet format, perfect for customers to grab and go with their food. The perfect single serving sachet to give customers a new option for their pizza or fried chicken.

JD’s Hot Jalapeno chilli flakes - 500g bulk bag

Our premium large cut green Jalapeno chilli flakes bring colour and zing to any dish. Large, green flakes bring a low to medium heat but great taste and colour to pizza, pasta, chicken or noodles.

Get in touch

If you want to discuss how our Hot honey or chilli products can fit in your range or offer, drop us a message below and we will be in touch. We can help with menu ideas, POS and promotions to get people trying Hot Honey from your offering.